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Connect the stories


Connect the stories related to the musical portrait "Stella". 

Immmerse yourself in the themes addressed in this mini-series  of short films.

Watch in any order as the films connect in dialogue with one another. 

About The Films

Stella learned to sing in te fields where she chased the birds with her 'golden voice'. In this video portrait students of Maputo's University of Creative Arts (ISArC)  follow Stella as she celebrates her journey balancing her studies with her art. The performance on stage at the launch gala of the Speak My Sister film series was the first public performance of this group. 

About The Film-Makers

The producer of this film is from Zambezia Province and passionate about the traditional music of his province. He now lives in Maputo and brought together a team made up of men and women from the North, Centre and South of the country in this portrait of an up and coming star he has been following since she first performed on the stages in his home town.

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