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Connect The Stories

Tufo of Mafalala 

Connect the stories related to the musical portrait "Tambourines of Mafalala".  Immmerse yourself in the themes addressed in this mini-series  of short films.

Watch in any order as the films connect in dialogue with one another. 

The people behind the films

The Tufo group portrayed here brought their women's song and dance tradition from Nampula in the north to Maputo's migrant community of Mafalala in the south.  They have changed over their years in Mozambiques capital Maputo and so too has their tradition. The filmmakers behind this film are young women and men from the north and south of Mozambique. Through their ethnographic research and filming methodologies they have connected to the spirit of Tufo and thwe women behind the songs and dances. 

The questions raised in the films

More to come ...

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