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Connect the stories

Xingomana Dance of Generations

Connect the stories related to the musical portrait "Xingomana - Dance of Generations".  Immmerse yourself in the themes addressed in this mini-series  of short films.

Watch in any order as the films connect in dialogue with one another. 

About The Films

Young mozambican filmmakers research and produce a musical portrait of three generations of women living in southern Mozambique. Maria danced Xingomana since her early childhood and now twists and stamps her feet in the sand alongside her daughters and grand-daughters. Through stories, song and dance, the short film "Xingomana - Dance of Generations" weaves a portrait of women’s lives in the rural interior of Gaza province over half a century and celebrates the strength and spirit reflected in their dance. Take a look behind the stories of the filmmakers and their subjects in the film "Behind Xingomana - Dance of Generations" and "Screening Xingomana" as the film is screened in the community. Watch the group perform to the filmmakers and the community in "Xingomana de Nwajohane perform at home".

About The Film-Makers

The four young people behind this film are from the south of Mozambique. They grew up in communities similar to the community of Nwajohane in the film. They speak the same language as the protagonists and have similar cultural references. They all  live in the capital and lived in the village of Nwajohane during the research and produciton of the film. Director/Sound: Andre Bahule. Researcher/Production: Angelica Novela. Camera: Isard Pindula. Emidio Jozine 

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