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Connect The Stories

Contemporary Dance

Connect the stories related to the musical portrait "Victorious Dancer". 

Immmerse yourself in the themes addressed in this mini-series  of short films.

Watch in any order as the films connect in dialogue with one another. 

The people behind the film

This film was co-created by the protagonist, Cristina and her friends and fellow students Director: Alzira Guitsa, Camera, Melva Ungwana and Odette Mulungu, Sound, Lourdes Rubaine and Editing Lizete Minosa who researchched and produced the film, giving Cristina space to tell the story in her own words, and listening where others haven't. Where words failed Cristina, she turned to her own corporal language, to share her own story of sexual violence, resilience  and the power of music and dance to heal wounds and find victory over her aggressors. 

The questions raised in the film

What happens when women get behind the cameras and tell stories of women? What are some of the obstacles to attracting and retaining more women in film and video production in Mozambique?

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