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Connect The Stories

Women, Culture, Identity and social change

Connect the stories related to the musical portrait "Warrior Dancers". 

Immmerse yourself in the themes addressed in this mini-series  of short films.

Watch in any order as the films connect in dialogue with one another. 

About The Films

Girls in Mozambique's capital Maputo appropriate a male war dance and embody a warrior spirit in their lives, as they navigate the violence of many of the men they encounter in their schools, their streets and their homes. This film, was directed by the author of this web documentary, Karen Boswall and co-created in collaboration with the protagonists, the warrior dancers of the cultural association Horizonte Azul (Blue Horizon). In Speak Mozambique, she joins three other women active in the promotion of art and culture in Mozambique for a round table radio discussion on the themes of the National Festival of Culture, 'Culture promoting women, identity and sustainable development'. This discussion is illustrated with material filmed by the Speak My Sister mobile cinema unit as they screened the series during the festival  

About The Film-Makers

Karen Boswall produced the film series Speak My Sister and curated this web documentary. An experienced filmmaker herself, she was encouraged to make Warrior Dancers by the researcher  Rosalina Nhachote, an active member of the cultural association and lecturer in cinema at ISArC (The higher Institute of Art and Culture).  The round table discussion about the themes of the festival adresses many of the themes of her own research and is included here translated into English and illustrated with material also shot by members of the ISArC mobile cinema unit.

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