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Behind The Stories

Rhythm, Art, Poetry and Life

Rhythm, Art, Poetry and Life - behind the scenes

Rhythm, Art, Poetry and Life - behind the scenes

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The people behind the film

The film-makers behind this film are three young men, the director; hip hop artist Lutegardo Lampiao, the producer  Alexandre Pita and Sound and Lighting technician Gabriel Pita, two hip hop fans from Zambezia perovince, themselves coming to terms with the difference between women they grew up with  in rural Zambezia and the young women they are portraying in their film. As they work alongside young women who self-identify as feminists, the young men from the north become increasingly passionate about the role films like theirs can do for the rural women in Zambezia they left behind.

The questions raised in the film

When films about the feminine revolution in hip hop in the capital Maputo are made by young people from rural Mozambique, can they make a difference to those rural women they left behind? How can the perspectives of all Mozambicans be reflected in the films made in the country? Can films bridge the gap between rural and urban women in Mozambique?

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