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Behind The Stories

Screening Xingomana: Dance of Generations

Screening Xingomana - Dance of Generations in Gaza

Screening Xingomana - Dance of Generations in Gaza

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The people behind the film

The four young Mozambicans who made this film spent a week living with families in a village in southern Mozambique's Gaza province, researching the relationship between the songs and the lives of girls and women singing and dancing Xingomana, a southern female dance of Mozambique known throughout the country. All from the part of Mozambique where they conducted the research, they not only speak the local language but have lifelong personal experiences with this dance. The four film-makers are now keen to continue their work conducting their own audio-visual cultural research into the little-known expressions of cultural identity in their country.

The questions raised in the film

What happens when knowledge is passed on by one generation to the next and made into films? Can local research and moving image production keep and transmit local knowledge beyond physical and cultural boundaries? What does it take to make audio-visual ethnographic research  possible and popular among young Mozambican filmmakers? (Answer, a very small contribution to basic costs and support in the distribution of the film).  

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