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Speak Mozambique

Speak Mozambique - illustrated radio

Speak Mozambique - illustrated radio

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The people behind the film

Recorded during the National Festival of Culture, hosts Sergio Guissamulo and Nélia Nicua guide this round table discussion with four women involved in culture in Mozambique; Art Curator, Otília Akino, Music Pedagog, Melita Matsinhe, Fashion Designer  Isas Baga and researcher, Speak My Sister producer and author of this web documentary Karen Boswall. Follow the films to Niassa in this illustrated radio broadcast of the popular weekly Radio Mozambique discussion show ‘Speak Mozambique’.

The questions raised in the film

What is the role of women in the arts and society? These themes are addressed through the lens of the theme of Mozambique's 10th National Festival of Culture, held in the northern province of Niassa 2018. The theme  'Culture Promoting Women, Identity and Sustainable Development' provokes questions from the panel; what is women's contribution to culture, identity and sustainable development in Mozambique?  What are the obstacles to women making this contribution?

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