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Victorious Dancer

Victorious Dancer

Victorious Dancer

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About The Film

Cristina's life has been marked by sexual violence since childhood. From growing up an orphan in her aunt and uncles' house and then, when she fled, in the streets of the town she ran to, violence and sexual abuse persecuted her. It was through dance that she came to face and overcome her wounds, finding her own victory over her aggressors. In this film, made by 5 of her friends, also artists, Cristina tells her story. 

The issues raised in the film

Can creative expression play a role in recovery from trauma? Is enough said about sexual abuse of minors living with family members to further their education? Does it make a difference if those behind the camera are men or women? This film was made by six women, five behind the camera and one in front. Due to the sentitive nature of the subject matter it was felt more appropriate to form an all-women crew. They wanted to structure a film where being free of the abuse is not the end of the story and highlight the importance of understanding and support from peers.

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