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Xingomana - Dance of Generations

Xingomana - Dance of Generations

Xingomana - Dance of Generations

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About the film

“We work the land and we dance. That’s what we know how to do” Maria explains in this musical portrait of three generations of women living in southern Mozambique. She danced Xingomana since her early childhood and now twists and stamps her feet in the sand alongside her daughters and grand-daughters. Through stories, song and dance, this film weaves a portrait of women’s lives over half a century and celebrates the strength and spirit reflected in their dance.

The issues raised in the film

How do women in rural gaza want to be seen by others? Where does the source of their strength come from? Have rural Mozambican women's lives improved over the past three generations? Did women benefit from the liberation of their nation from colonial rule?  

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